Why Do Strategic Planning Under Construction? How to Do It?

If strategic planning is not carried out, subsequent efforts such as the implementation of routine programming or control issues, among others, will obtain poor results and end up frustrating the team in its attempt to properly manage your project. A good planning process will be the basis for an adequate programming routine and to carry forward, deadline, productivity, and costs controls.

Therefore, when my clients ask me to implement a programming routine, but they tell me that they do not have resources for planning, I recommend that they prioritize their planning efforts, even before the programming routine or the control system.

What is done in strategic planning?

The project is analyzed in order to answer the following questions:

Operational Planning:

  • What is our term and what is the production speed necessary to fulfill it?
  • How do we divide the amount of work to finish within the deadline?
  • How is the project going to be executed? With what constructive processes ?, are we going to innovate in some constructive technology?
  • What will be the optimal constructive sequence and how many people do we need for each specialty?
  • What is the most efficient overlap of specialties? For example, between the foundations and the case, between the hull and masonry and what is the optimum sequence of the finishes?
  • What is the supply plan for materials, equipment and subcontractors?
  • What are the risks in our work? What is the mitigation plan and what is the buffer that we should consider in the schedule?

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Organizational Planning:

  • With what system will we manage the work?
  • What is the necessary management structure?
  • What is the optimal organization chart to execute the work within the term and cost?
  • What are the functions of each person so that they have a balanced workload?

Finally, the result of all this analysis is translated into some deliverables such as:

  • Disaggregated work structure
  • Construction schedule
  • Supply schedule
  • Balanced sectorization and Activity train with optimal sequence
  • Risk analysis and mitigation plan
  • Project control structure
  • Project control flows
  • Project organization chart
  • Matrix of functions

The resulting plan of this process is the basis on which the programming routine will be developed in the work (Lookahead, weekly plan, daily plan, analysis of restrictions, PPC and analysis of causes of noncompliance). If the plan is of good quality, the routine of programming and the routine of project control will represent an efficient work that will bring to the project the continuous improvement, with a proportional effort on the part of the construction team.

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Tips for good strategic planning:

  • The first step should be to study and analyze the project information: engineering, metrics, contract, budget offer, bases, among others.
  • Collaborative work, all the members of the team that comply with the first step can contribute and add ideas in the planning.
  • The presence of those responsible for the field is mandatory.
  • The work sessions must be structured beforehand with an agenda and clear goals, seeking efficiency (avoid unproductive meetings).
  • Use methodologies that facilitate the contribution of the entire team (Card trick, Pull Planning, process analysis, among others).
  • Invite external engineers who have done similar projects (save the ego).
  • Find lessons learned (save the ego).
  • It is important to handle concepts of production physics, performance data, construction methods, balanced calculation of crews, calculation of productivity, which are necessary to ensure compliance with the deadline at the lowest cost.

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