What Is The Difference Between A Thesis And A Dissertation?

Students enrolled in master’s or doctoral program are well-aware that they have to conduct research work. Research work tends to be the only key for accomplishing their academic degree. These research works commonly termed as thesis and dissertation required in the final year of an academic degree. You must be pondering that research work usually has common characteristics. They are the same with the same purpose. However, this is the non-noticeable mistake which creates a huge impact. It is because these terms are interchangeable and used in several institutions according to their regulations.

On the contrary, it is necessary for students to understand the fundamental difference between both terminologies. Though thesis and dissertation might serve for the same purpose but still have fine line differences between them. Masters and PhD are considered to be the entire important educational program of the whole academic career. Therefore it is essential for students to differentiate between the thesis and dissertation.

Comparing Thesis and Dissertation:

Working hard on your mind and trying to highlight differences? Still, you are unable to spot any different points. Stop! Worrying when you have us. Today we are here with some essential contrasting factors between thesis and dissertation that will help a student like you. This article is all about your confusions and conceptual clarity. Here are some points that will help you to develop better understanding between thesis VS Dissertation.

  1. Interchangeable terminologies: While researching for world best institution for your higher studies, you must come across institute requiring either master’s dissertation, PhD thesis or master’s thesis, PhD dissertation.
    It is because in UK dissertation are carried out on master’s level and thesis on PhD level. However it is opposite in the US, they ask for the thesis on master’s degree and dissertation on PhD level. The terminologies are considered interchangeable in institutes of both states.


  1. Purpose Difference: The difference between a thesis and dissertation purpose is the same of research a specific problem. However, analyzing on a more in-depth level, we get to know that in thesis researcher tends to summarize the learning from his master’s program.
    On the other hand, a dissertation focuses on testing the previous kinds of literature and making a new contribution to knowledge.


  1. Period: The primary difference between a thesis and dissertation is of the time duration — a thesis required in the final year of the master’s program. One semester focuses on preparing the proposal whereas other focus on performing the tasks of research work.
    Besides thesis, the dissertation cannot bound with time duration. It may require 2-3 years of a period at least to complete. A successful dissertation marks the completion of an academic degree.


  1. Research Question: In the thesis, research has to go through various literature sources and collect data to prove a predefined hypothesis or research question. Whereas in dissertation a researcher has to manage the data on his own and resolve a problem with forming his viewpoint.


  1. Size: The main difference between a dissertation and thesis is related to their size and length. A thesis is a miniature of dissertation constitute of 10-15000 words whereas dissertation, on the other hand, is a scholarly written document written for about 20,000-30,000 words at least.

It is understandable that many students get puzzled with these two terminologies and often end up messing with their concepts. However, while executing their research students may take professional Cheap Dissertation Help UK that will assist and guide them throughout their writing and planning dissertation processes.


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