The Myers Briggs personality types and find out who you are

Are you someone who loves to undergo personality assessments to understand more about yourself. If yes, then you, my friend, have landed on the correct page. We are going to present to you the infamous Myer Briggs personality types and see which personality type are you.

The World’s No.1 Assignment Help Company presents the famous Myer Briggs personality types to give you a glimpse of different personalities and understand the factors influencing behavior and attitude of people around you.

  • ISFJ – The Nurturer

They are a set of highly compassionate people. They tend to keep others always at the forefront. Quite caring and giving in nature and make reliable relationships with people.

  • ESFP – The Performer

They are the centre of attraction of any place or event. They are always the life of any gathering. People love to be around them. People with such kind of personality type make great influencers.

  • ISFP – The composer

They tend to be excellent listeners. Because of this quality of theirs, such people make amazing friends. People around always look up to them.

  • ISTP – The craftsman

Extremely down to earth and rational people. Such people are great observers and have a pragmatic personality. They can impress anyone with their creative and artistic mindset.

  • ENFP – The Champion

Such people dance to the beat of their own drums. They believe in living life to the fullest based on their own rules and regulations.

  • ENFJ – The Giver

Such people have an amazing sense of empathy inbuilt in them. They have this tendency to easily relate with people and understand their situations.

  • INFJ- The Counsellor

A personality type with caring nature. They follow the values laid down for them with utmost respect and honesty. They have quite a reflective and idealistic personality.

  • ESTP- The Doer

People with impulsive personality traits. Love spending time with others. They are a bit reckless in nature.

  • ESFJ- The Provider

They are the people that tend to make others comfortable. People feel surreal to be around them. They are usually extroverts in nature and love being social.

  • ESTJ- The Supervisor

Their respect for the core values is something that makes them what they are. They make great leaders. Usually enjoy supervising and guiding others at each point in life.

  • ENTP- The Visionary

They hate small talks. They enjoy having intellectual and genuine conversations with people. They believe in making genuine relations and are quite reliable.

  • INFP- The Idealist

They are someone who love to find meaning and reason behind every single thing in life. Usually they are quite optimistic and are known for imparting positiveness around them, no matter how dark a situation seems to be.

  • INTP- The Thinker

They make great observers. They like staying quiet and analyse things going around them. They seem to have sharp IQ and amazing reasoning abilities.

  • INTJ- The Mastermind

They are known for their sharp IQ. Being capable of turning any situation into their side, they tend to make amazing consultants and leaders. Can make ingenious plans in fraction of seconds due to their strategic ability.

  • ISTJ- The Inspector

They are usually very organised and well managed people. They tend to be hardworking and believe in the power of karma. They are also deep thinkers and tend to be trustworthy.

  • ENTJ- The Commander

Highly responsible people. They are scared of literally no one in this whole wide world. They have the best leadership skills and are highly optimistic and decisive and in nature.

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