The Importance of Automatic Door Safety Standards and Common Sense

In May 2005, the last European directive (European Union) on automatic and manual doors entered into force, obliging manufacturers and installers to comply with a series of obligations regarding door safety.

One of the most important points in the compulsory safety are the photocells that detect obstacles and the luminous warning lights for opening and closing doors .

Regardless of whether the installation is done by a technician, or by us as individuals, even by standards, the first thing we must always keep in mind is the safety of those who will use our doors, those who will be near them, and from us.

Many users when they decide to install an automatism , try to do it in the most economical way possible, and as in almost everything we try to save as much as possible, besides harming the durability and functionality of the engine, the level of security of the door is drastically reduced , even being an element certainly dangerous in the day to day.

The warning lights , despite their low cost, are one of the most appreciated security elements especially for third parties. They warn that a door is moving, and therefore pedestrians and other vehicles are prepared to take the necessary precautions before the entry or exit of a vehicle, or the movement of the door itself.

The obstacle-sensing photocells have a very high safety component, since they make the closing maneuver of a door stop immediately and also retract if the motor has an “encoder system”. This is a very great advantage, because in the case of the car stalling in the middle of the door while closing or stopping in an emergency, or crossing a pedestrian, child, bicycle, etc … the door stops immediately.

The engines with controls with antipanic system have supposed a true innovation of security. This system cancels the signal of all the controls while a door is opened, thus preventing us from accidentally pressing a button ordering it to close and therefore eliminating the risk of impact.

Security is the real and most important reason when deciding to install security elements: photocells, bands, light warnings, engines with encoder, controls with antipanic system, etc …

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