How to install CS-Cart ? A Step By Step Guide.

Technology is enhancing every day and giving new chances and platforms to businesses to grow in the market. We know that web development is a big platform having a vast variety of technologies and frameworks like WordPress, PHP, Drupal, Codeigniter, CS-Cart and others. In this post, we are going to discuss how to install CS-Cart in a system. It is not a big task to install it but it is necessary to follow the required process and steps in order to complete the installation successfully.

Introduction of CS-Cart

It is a model server-side software program that needs you to develop a perfect web server environment including the MySQL database, a PHP interpreter and an HTTP server. Follow the four steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Running software on a local computer

For the first step, we suggest you install CS-Cart on a local system. You will access the items, safely, experiment with the design and settings, and then get your perfect outcomes into production. Initially, you have to install a virtual server on a computer. You need to download the free web server package to get the web server environment. CS-Cart developer suggests that you utilize XAMPP.

It is a common platform that works with Linux, Windows or OS x operating systems. Depend on the requirement you can also use MAMP (OS X), LAMP (Linux), Denver (Windows) instead of XAMPP. If you do not have any issue for doing complex settings for potential and advanced users then you also use virtual services like IIS and Apache. Whenever you completed the virtual server installation, then you need to download the latest version of the CS-Cart software. Extract all the files on your web server to a workplace.

You have to set up the file permissions manually before starting the installation process. CS-Cart uses MySQL (the most popular DBMS that is used with PHP) to save data of your online store on the web server. The Wizard of CS-Cart installation will develop a MySQL database automatically. You need to confirm your user account, database name and password.

Step 2: Store Set up

CS-Cart comes with an easy to use post-installation settings Wizard that helps to create a basic store easily. You need to run the setting Wizard in a manner to setup your store. All the required settings of your store will be done by default. Customize your store carefully: Remember it • Create product pages and categories: • Setup shipping methods. • Setup payment gateways. • Install out-of-the-box features such as Bestsellers, reviews and comments and SEO). • Customize the look and feel.

Step 3: Select a hosting server and a domain name

Whenever your store is ready, then now you need to choose a web hosting provider. The selected web server must support PHP versions 5.3 to 5.4, and versions of MySQL 4.1 or greater. Hosting provider must enable you to access cURL support; an installed GD library; a .htaccess file; Apache mod_headers; support; Phar extension; file_uploads (should allow the following directives: RewriteRule, RewriteBase, RewriteCond, AddHandler, RewriteEngine, Allow, Options, Order, DirectoryIndex and Deny).

Step 4: Migration to a web server

You need to back up the database of your store use the process (Admin panel –> Administration –> Database –> Backup) and pack all the files in a zip file. You must clear the cache folder. Utilizing hosting file manager, you will easily extract the zip file and set the proper file permissions.

Then, it is suggested to repeat the complete installation process using the CS-Cart installation Wizard to the web server. The MySQL database will be created by default. Now go to the dashboard of the store (Administration -> Database) and restore the database. Now your store is ready to use. Now start selling the promoting. Yes. It is also necessary to know the developer, you are searching to hire.

Hire CS-Cart developer who has capabilities of ineffective designing and can give you an awesome look and feel to your store. As there are many companies providing CS-Cart India development services for different customers. It is true that not 2 developers take the same amount for the same work. Why should you select the best CS-Cart developer to make the online portal?

Check out the reasons why hire CS-Cart developers?

•The best developer will give a fully functional and complete solution beginning from PSD to CS-Cart to integration and support and maintenance. And always satisfy all your requirements. •An efficient developer always develops a stable and durable portal for your business. •Professional developers always save your time and money are lessening the rework task. •The templates and themes selected must match the business and should be bug-free and reliable. •A proficient CS-Cart India developers always helps you to increase the traffic and conversion rate. •You must hire a developer who can give you a unique and competitive design to stand up in a competitive world.

How to hire the best CS-Cart developer?

How to compare between two companies or developers? There are numerous elements whereupon the comparison is done. In spite of the fact that the cost is a critical factor, it should not be the principal factor to consider. The factors are: • Check out their portfolio • Time taken for the projects • Type and amount of services offered • Years of experience and area of expertise • The company reviews and testimonials given by third-party sites. So these are the factors you need to mind at the time of Choosing the best CS-Cart developers for the success of your online store.

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