How to get larger than life experience at the Bahamas: Nassau

The sultry breeze, soothing ambiance, sandy shores, and luxurious resorts make Bahamas one of the stunning tourist destinations. And the capital city, Nassau is a popular cruise ship destination that welcomes tourists into the city to explore its many natural and urban attractions. Every year, pleasure-seeking vacationers come here and flock around the sandy beaches, soak up the tropical climate, explore the bustling markets, delve into history at the historical landmarks and museums, and frolic in the luxurious resorts. So if you are considering booking international air tickets to Nassau, here’s how to get larger than life experience. And by that we don’t mean just luxury, it is to explore the city as a whole.

Soak in the balmy Bahamian beaches

Nassau has over 50 beaches, and each provides a comfortable ambiance and a soothing feel. It gives an opportunity for the cruise ship passengers to sun toast their body and curl up the sand between their toes. Adding to this, every beach provides all kinds of amenities and facilities with lounge areas, shacks, and several cafes and restaurants. Some of the stunning beaches you’ve got to go are Blue Lagoon which is a private island equipped with fun activities. Balmoral Island Beach is another stunner. This beach destination is slightly less populated; thus, you get to see aqua-blue waters flapping against the sandy shore. Other noteworthy beaches in Nassau are Cabbage Beach, Cable Beach, Saunders Beach, and Love Beach which provide all kind of facilities and activities.

Delve into the local history and culture

This Bahamian city has tons of historical and cultural attractions from heritage sites to museums. Each of these museums offers worth seeing attractions that tell the background of the evolution of the Bahamas. Junkanoo World is a stunning museum where you get to see the art and heritage of the city, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas is also worthy of visiting. Another museum which tells the story of slavery in the Bahamas is the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation located at the Vendue House. The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas is also a great place to know about the history of the Bahamas. If you are traveling with kids, make sure to take them to the Pirates of Nassau museum.

Go for a shopping spree at the Straw Market

To get an authentic shopping experience at the Nassau in the Bahamas, you’ve got to visit the Straw Market. This amazing shopping destination is located in the midst of the Nassau’s Bay Street surrounded by high-end boutique shops. This market in Nassau is considered world-famous for solely one reason, and that is it provides tons of handmade items such as dolls, bags, conch shell jewelry, mats, hand-woven straw hats, and wood carving. This fabulous market is even introduced during tours led by various agencies to the by cruise liner. This market is also an ideal place to buy souvenirs. However, if you are not here for shopping, you can always people watch and explore the market in its purest form.

The paradise-like Island destination is a stunning city perfect for getaways, and you will definitely find peace here. So, start looking for last minute flight tickets to Nassau in the Bahamas and get here for a fabulous vacation.

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