how esports is different and which top games can we play in esports

Esports | What is Esports Game?

Esports – Esports which is also known as ‘electronic sports’, ‘e-sports’, or ‘eSports’ – is a type of Gaming competition Played With Video Games. – “esports definition”;

What is Esports Game?

Whether you play video games or have not picked up from a controller or decades. A business that is estimated to be approximately $ 1.5 billion by 2020, with some players already competing for the prize pool of $ 24 million, they are also difficult. To understand, full of jargon, and do not like sports with competing at a global level.

If you are looking for it, understand it, or just get a better idea of ​​what it means: it’s a guide for your esports.

Generally, the easiest definition is a professional level. It includes only video games, but with a winner and loser a lot of games can be played as an esport, though the larger the player’s base and the more support the contest, the better the competition.

Some Top Esports Video Games:


DOTA 2 is one of the most popular competitive games and is known as the leader of the ESPORTS industry, which proves that the esports game can be in the mainstream, become a career for the people and own industry Can be made. This is a MULTIPLAYER ONLINE BATTEL ARENA (MOBA) game, which is fully launched by one of the top ESPORTS companies; Valve in 2013 and since then, the game has gone to the operation of the largest ESPORTS events with the highest ESPORTS tournament award pool in the world. International 2018: The DOTA 2 Championship ESPORTS Tournament, which was held in VANCOUVER, Canada, provided the highest award pool of US $ 25.53 million.


Blizzard’s competitive card game saw an increase of 42.3% in 2018, with the biggest impact with its $ 1m prize pool in January’s official HEARTHSTONE World Championship in 2017. Said that, in 2018, five other tournaments or season splits were also seen, with a prize pool of more than $ 500K, while the biggest fireplace event in 2017 was at the top of $ 332K.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battle Ground)

As we all Know PUBG, which is also won the Game of Year Award, and is the most played and popular Game today. PUBG Corporation got serious about Esports in 2018, with a blowing revenue more than $1 Million. In July 2018 PUBG Global Invitational 2018 topped the list with $2M in total prizing. And Now PUBG x Oppo is Helding the PUBG India Series 2019 with $10 Million Pool Prize.

FORTNITE – The Battle Royal

FORTNITE of Epic Games has stepped into the world of hurricanes, with the increasing popularity of the game, reaching the peak of viewers and making their twitch platforms on the game streaming platform across the globe. Epic Games, a leading ESPORTS company launched Fortnite after recognizing the Battle Royale-style explosion. The company recently announced that it is going to offer US $ 100 million this year alone in the Fortnite Estate Prize Pool. While many critics are questioning the importance of a royal game in a battle, Epic Games is making FortNite competitive and has received positive feedback so far.


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